Welcome to DulTay Skate's T-Shirt Shop for Men!

We will be releasing new themed t-shirts every week. Stay tuned playas.
Product Of The Week

DT Organic Pocket Tee

This fabric is light, comfortable, and organic cotton certified.  The DT is a slick look for the summer!...this design looks good with a pair of DulTay Hempers;) Thank you for your business! The World Is Ours

GTA-Golden Gate Bridge Bamboo T-Shirt

This is one of our collaboration garments.  Chris Eseltine took this shot about a year ago, what a beautiful photo!  You will see this shot on a couple more of DulTay products.  This may be the only one with a GTA theme though, so make your purchase today and...

New Product of the Week: Bucko’s Camo Hoodie

Bucko don't fucko with any other hoodie. Get like Bucko.

Skate Panda Joggers Will Release in:








Want to get paid for Skating? Contact Us!

DulTay is looking to pay skaters to rep our gear on Instagram in order to gain a bigger following.  Click below if interested.

Want to get paid for Photography? Contact Us!

DulTay will be hiring people who want to be paid for their photography.  Contact us if you’re interested!

Want to be a Designer? Contact Us!

DulTay will partner with artists who have designs for clothing, or designs for t-shirts.  Contact us if you want to see your clothing ideas put into production!

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