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At DulTay Sustainable Clothing, we use the most eco-friendly resources in our grasp to create our clothing. Whether it is pants made from hemp or shirts made from organic cotton, it is our goal to find sustainable strategies to make clothing. It is also our goal to find more ways to contribute to our community. Currently we make annual donations to the non-profits listed in the “Our Non-Profits” section.

Organic Fabrics
Hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton are our main organic products that we use.
Annually we donate at least 3% of our revenue to non-profits that are local to our collaborators.
We use recycled vinyl prints and recycled polyester shirts to make some of our products.

Eco-friendly resources

The fast fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter in the world behind the oil industry.  There are stockpiles of soiled, unusable clothing everywhere around the world, and most of the fibers in these stockpiles will take decades to decompose.  These stockpiles can consist up to 20 tons of clothing each!

“The World Is Ours, lets take care of it.”


-Dultay team
The rise of the green renaissance is among us. We are in the very beginnings of innovating the American textile industry.  The most popular textiles used for fashion are also the most unhealthy.

Some of these popular textiles include polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex.  All of these textiles have extremely fast turnaround times which is why they are so popular in fast fashion.  In order to accomplish this fast turnaround time, the manufacturers have to use chemicals that cannot be safely disposed after usage.  A lot of these chemicals end up in our ocean or stored in a facility.

As the organic textile industry grows, we will see a lot more legislation made to protect our environment by regulating textile companies with unhealthy manufacturing habits.



At DulTay, we want to be a part of the solution.  It is our goal to help grow the organic textile industry in America so we use eco-conscious fabrics that are ethically made by U.S wholesalers.  It is also our goal to create our own manufacturing loop in America for organic textiles.


Collaboration Process

DulTay offers a business platform that allows independent artists to showcase and profit from their artwork.  Our collaboration process is meant to unite people from different parts of the world.  The collaboration process is also meant to help each collaborator’s local community.  We donate 3% of each sale to a non-profit local to the collaborator who made the design.

It is our goal to make 1000 collaboration products by 2023.  With 1000 different collaborators, we will help 1000 different communities across the globe.  Our business platform is one of a kind and can help raise money for thousands of different causes.

Will We Stop At DulTay Skate?


We plan on releasing tons of new clothing lines including athletic wear, swimwear, underwear, snowwear, and more!

Collaborate with dultay

At DulTay we collaborate and profitshare with independent artists in order to create our clothing designs.  Artists from all over the globe can take advantage of our business platform. The process is easy.  All you have to do is send in a design that you think will look good on a t-shirt, we will consider it, and if we like it, we put the design on a t-shirt and sell it for you.  For providing the design you earn 32% of the profit made by your designs.


For each design and clothing line we make, we choose a new non-profit to donate to.  Our usual donation is 3% of the revenue for each product sold in that line.  Most of our non-profits are chosen by and are local to our collaborators.

We always do our annual donation at Christmas time.

Inside Our Shop

The owner of DulTay Sustainable Clothing is Dean Taylor and he started DulTay out of his garage.

In the shop we have a Roland vinyl cutter and a Stahls Maxx Heatpress.  We create a lot of our one to two color products with the vinyl cutter, but if the artwork has a lot of color, we outsource the logos to a reliable wholesaler and have them made into digital transfer sheets.  Once the transfers arrive at the shop, we handle the rest of the printing process.

At DulTay, we can make anything happen for you.  We have access to screenprinting, embroidery, direct to garment, and vinyl wholesalers. Consider using us for your next merchandise project! We work with plenty of local companies in the San Francisco Bay Area currently, and our shipping prices are affordable for out of state orders.

Thank you for your time and interest! Have a wonderful day.


Contact us


Dean Taylor: (925) 963-5772


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